Athom Homey Pro

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Meet the Athom Homey Pro, your gateway to the ultimate smart home experience! Effortlessly control, monitor, and automate devices from various brands using a single app. This Multi-Protocol Smart Hub is your tech-savvy companion, supporting Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, Bluetooth, Zigbee, 433 MHz, Infrared, Matter, and Thread. It plays well with Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, ensuring your smart home is ready for whatever the future holds!

Athom Homey Pro - The Ultimate Smart Home Hub
Elevate your smart home to unprecedented heights with the Athom Homey Pro – your gateway to the future of intelligent living. Unleash a world of possibilities as you seamlessly command and orchestrate over 50,000 smart devices from 1,000+ renowned brands using a single, sleek hub.
Integration has never been this effortless – bid farewell to the chaos of managing multiple apps. Homey Pro effortlessly bridges the gap between diverse protocols, including Z-Wave Plus, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, BLE, Infrared, Matter, and Thread. Immerse yourself in a unified smart home control experience, connecting with the likes of Apple HomeKit, Philips Hue, IKEA, Google Nest, Chromecast, Logitech Harmony, Spotify Connect, Sonos, and many more.
Embark on a journey of automation bliss with Homey Flows, where you dictate the symphony of your devices working in perfect harmony. From a single-button shutdown of your entire home to the automatic serenade of music upon your arrival – the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.
Become a steward of energy efficiency with real-time energy usage views, saving on your bills while keeping a watchful eye on your home's environmental impact. Expand the Homey Pro's capabilities by seamlessly installing apps that bring new connectivity and features to your fingertips.
Key Features that Redefine Smart Living:
Local Connectivity: The Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter ensures rock-solid wired connectivity.
Satellite Mode: Extend the wireless reach of Homey Pro using Homey Bridge, transforming Zigbee and Z-Wave into repeaters for comprehensive coverage.
Everything Local: Homey Pro processes commands on-premises, delivering unparalleled speed and reliability by minimizing reliance on the cloud.
Always On: Even when your internet is down, Homey Pro keeps your smart home operational with its local processing prowess.
Embark on your smart home journey in 7 Effortless Steps:
1️⃣ Plug in the power adapter.
2️⃣ Connect the USB-C cable for power.
3️⃣ Witness the mesmerizing LED Ring circling in white.
4️⃣ Wait for the steady blue glow – Homey Pro is ready for setup.
5️⃣ Need a reset? If the LED Ring stays silent, consider a factory reset.
6️⃣ Download the Homey app for iOS or Android from
7️⃣ Sign in or create an account, choose "New Homey," and follow the user-friendly setup instructions.
Technical Marvel in a Nutshell:
🚀 Powerful CPU: 1.8 GHz Quad-Core ARMv8 for lightning-fast processing.
💾 Ample Memory: 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM ensures smooth multitasking.
🔒 Robust Storage: 8 GB eMMC Flash for secure data retention.
🔌 Power Supply: 5V2A, USB-C for a reliable power source.
What's Inside the Box:
📦 1 x Homey Pro
🔌 1 x Power Adapter
Transform your living space into a realm of smart elegance – simplify, streamline, and seize control with the Athom Homey Pro, the epitome of smart home mastery.